Custom Homes

Our Custom Home Process

  • 01 / Site Selection
    01 / Site Selection Our custom home architects and designers analyze the home site as inspiration, incorporating the views, topography and other environmental cues into the design. That makes choosing where to build an important first step in the home building process. Blue Heron’s team of licensed real estate agents know Las Vegas, so whether you’re looking for a custom home in a Blue Heron community or beyond — we can help you find the perfect location.
  • 02 / Architecture
    02 / Architecture The architecture stage is a highly personalized process. Our custom home architects work to understand your family and lifestyle as well as your individual needs for a home. Then, they translate your vision into a design concept. Beginning with hand sketches and moving into 3D modeling to help communicate the look and feel, Blue Heron’s architects know that visuals are essential for ensuring that we’re on the right track with our plans.
  • 03 / Interior Design
    03 / Interior Design While you’re working with Blue Heron’s award-winning architects, you’ll also work with our talented interior design team. These experts use the look and feel of the exterior of the home to inspire the interior. Cultivating an aesthetic that is based on your needs and wants, this team selects fine finishes that make your home feel like … home.
  • 04 / Budgeting/Planning
    04 / Budgeting/Planning We believe it’s important to discuss budget early — and often — in the homebuilding process. Blue Heron’s architecture and interior design teams will help you prioritize your desires for your home. Plus, they’ll work closely with our construction team to ensure that we’re using real numbers to create an accurate cost projection. With our in-house estimating and planning, our clients are confident that they’ll get the home they want within their budget
  • 05 / Construction
    05 / Construction Our clients find comfort in having the architects of their home and the construction team under the same roof. This ensures that any issues or questions that arise can be resolved immediately and seamlessly. Plus, our construction team maintains great relationships with vendors and contractors to deliver a high quality final product. And best of all for our clients, they can rest easy knowing that we’re managing this entire process.
  • 06 / Customer Service
    06 / Customer Service At Blue Heron, we have an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Because we work with you through the entire process — from site selection to design to construction and beyond — we are committed to ensuring that the homebuilding process is as seamless as possible. Any time you have a question or concern, we’ll be here.

Custom Las Vegas Homes Gallery

The Vision Collection

    1. -Award-winning Vegas Modern™ architecture
    2. -Blue Heron fine finishes and specifications
    3. -Fixed price offering
    4. -Custom Home Design Process:
      1. -Interior Design
        1. -Countertops
        2. -Flooring
        3. -Surroundings
        4. -Lighting & Decorative Lighting
        5. -Home Automation
        6. -Plumbing Fixtures
        7. -Appliances
        8. -Door & Trim
      2. -Outdoor Living
        1. -Pool / Spa / Water Features
        2. -Hardscape
        3. -Landscape / Irrigation / Landscape Lighting
      3. -Furniture Design
        1. -Upon request
    5. -Vision Collection Warranty
      1. -2 year warranty on entire home
      2. -10 year warranty on structure
  • -Submit for permits in as little as 30 days from contract

    -Start construction within one week of obtaining a permit (Est. 90 days from contract)

    -Completion in 9-12 months (completion guarantee based on overall size/scope of the project)

  • -Be excited, enthusiastic, and have fun! We love what we do. You’ll love it too! Embrace our process and allow us to guide you to your dream home.

    -Be a team player! Be an active participant in our process and work with us to stay on schedule.

    -Be focused and decisive! Work closely with our designers to complete your assignments and be ready to move forward quickly.

    -Be prepared! Work diligently with your lender to ensure you have financing in place in order to stay on schedule.

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