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Blue Heron Homes

Blue Heron is a design-led development firm that accentuates aspirational living through personalized Home experiences.

Blue Heron Homes turn life into living. We design Homes that enhance the natural beauty of their surroundings while generating organic connections with its environment. Every Blue Heron house is an everlasting Home.

Who is Blue Heron?
Driven by imagination, designed by humanity, developed by Las Vegas.

Blue Heron was shaped by a family of curators that construct immaculate environments, shaped to sustain life. Founded by Tyler Jones, innovation and creativity shape our visionary approach to Home design.

Blue Heron Homes are an experience that unfold in layers, speaking to you in a personal way to create a connection that results in a daily sense of well-being. We design and develop Homes that harmonize with the way you live.

  • Communities 17+
  • Blue Heron Elite Clients 125+
  • Blue Heron Nexus Clients 240+
  • Years in Business 20+
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