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Blue Heron’s
Construction Loan Guide

You’ve taken the first step towards owning a Blue Heron Home! A construction loan covers all expenses for building your Home and our team is here to ensure that your experience is seamless. The approval process is like a traditional mortgage, here’s a simple guide to help you through the process.

Before starting your loan application, our team will help you arrive at an appropriate budget for your Home. This will include the price of the Home you select, your homesite, as well as an estimate for anything you would like to add through our design process.

Secure your preferred homesite by submitting a $160,000 deposit. The deposit is 100% refundable and reserves your Home even before you get pre-approved.

Blue Heron has established strong relationships with various lenders to simplify the construction loan process for you. Lenders will require the same documentation that is required for a traditional mortgage which would include details on your credit, income, and assets.

It should take about 3 days to obtain a pre-approval for your construction loan and our team will help you through this process by working closely with you and your lender. With your preapproval complete we are ready to sign the Blue Heron agreement and start designing your dream Home.

Work with your personal interior designer to select your Home’s interior finishes. Let your imagination guide you! This simple statement is fine, but I would like to work on brand language to position our Design Experience in a much more elevated and sophisticated way. We can keep this simple for now, but we need to find much better ways to articulate the special care that goes into our customization process and why this is such a major distinction between us and “the other guys”

With your design phase complete, we will move directly into building your Home. Before we get started our team will help you obtain homeowners insurance including a “builders risk” provision so that the property is covered while under construction. As we build, our team will request payments directly from your lender each month while you relax and watch your dream Home come to fruition.

After construction is complete you will convert your construction loan into a traditional mortgage, move into your beautiful new Blue Heron Home and savor the moment!

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