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A Collaboration Between Realtors & Blue Heron
Transforming the Luxury Real Estate Landscape Together

At Blue Heron, we wholeheartedly value our collaborations with external brokers and real estate agents. Your expertise and connections play a vital role in matching our Homes with clients who appreciate outstanding design and craftsmanship. Cooperating closely with realtors is a fundamental component of our sales approach at Blue Heron, which guarantees smooth transactions, extraordinary experiences, and professional success for everyone involved.

Designing exceptional living spaces requires a deep understanding of our clients’ unique lifestyles, which is why we create bespoke luxury Homes that seamlessly complement their individual needs and preferences. Our goal is to create Homes that not only meet our clients’ expectations but exceed them.

Transforming the Luxury Real Estate Landscape Together
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Elevate your social media presence with captivating content from Blue Heron

Enhance your social media impact by featuring mesmerizing content provided by Blue Heron. Recognizing the compelling nature of visual narratives, we invite you to exhibit our striking imagery across your online platforms. Delve into our collection of expertly crafted photos and videos designed to captivate your audience and highlight the unparalleled caliber of our creations.

Elevate your social media presence with captivating content from Blue Heron
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We’re named for the majestic blue heron. It represents something beautiful and unexpected, yet organic and naturally occurring in Southern Nevada.
What’s in a name?
We’re named for the majestic blue heron. It represents something beautiful and unexpected, yet organic and naturally occurring in Southern Nevada.
  • Brand Definition

    Blue Heron is a design-led development firm that accentuates aspirational living through personalized Home experiences.

  • What about the name Blue Heron?

    Like the majestic water bird – the Blue Heron – our namesake represents something beautiful and unexpected in the Mojave Desert, yet organic and naturally occurring. Additionally, quite like us, the Blue Heron has few natural predators and is a formidable bird of prey.

  • Our Divisions – Elite, Nexus, Signature, and Lifestyles

    • Elite – Fully customized and curated design-build Homes.
    • Signature – A curated collection of quick-delivery, pre-designed Homes that are ready to build.
    • Nexus – Exclusive boutique communities developed from a Vegas Modern curated program.
    • Lifestyles – Interior design and furnishings.

  • Define Vegas Modern Philosophy

    Inspired by its namesake, Vegas Modern 001, our Vegas Modern Philosophy describes our timeless approach to architecture, design, and construction that transcends eras and inspires future generations.

  • What is the difference between a spec Home and a custom Home?

    A spec Home is a move-in ready home with limited customization options and no wait times to make it yours. A custom Home allows you to own every design and build decision, crafting a one-of-a-kind dwelling.

  • Where do you start when building a custom Home?

    We know that everyone’s wonder is fascinatingly different. So we’ve designed a custom Home design-build process that intentionally captures every imaginative aspect of you. 

    Drawing up a clear blueprint of your wishes to draw inspiration from. Delving deeper to discover what truly moves you. Collecting insights to create a site map of your specific wonderland. So when you eventually step into your home, it awes you at every turn and creates a feeling within you like no other. At Blue Heron, we help our clients dream bigger and build a custom Home that enables them to live in wonder.

  • Experience Life’s Evolution at Home with Blue Heron

    Life is an ever-evolving journey, constantly growing, adapting, and transforming. In a Blue Heron Home, every step is a story, every detail a dialogue, and every view a vision. Every moment spent in our Homes should be an immersive experience where the natural world and human life blend harmoniously to create a space that elevates daily living.

  • Why do we spell Home with a capital H?

    We don’t build homes. We build Homes with a capital H as a reminder of the significance, relevance, and presence of Home.

  • What is Biophilic design?

    Blue Heron honors the concept of biophilia – our innate desire to connect with nature and other living beings – in our architectural and interior design approach. We emphasize the connection between the built space and nature, incorporating elements that pay homage to the natural environment. In doing so, we carefully balance our appreciation for design, technology, mindfulness, deeper connections with loved ones, and the natural landscape.

Meet your team
The experts who will guide you.

We’re a blend of architects, designers, and real estate experts ready to collaborate and bring your dream Home to life. We work with heartfelt passion, principle, and people in mind.


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