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Sales Associate

Ryan Kurz

Your world is a living expression of how you are using and have used your mind.

Earl Nightingale

Ryan, a Las Vegas native, has had a lifelong fascination with architecture, igniting a passion that would shape his career in real estate. Before embarking on his real estate journey, Ryan worked in construction, where he contributed to the largest renewable energy project in Texas.

In 2021, Ryan ventured into the resale market, dedicating himself to assisting buyers and sellers throughout Las Vegas. With great excitement, he joins the esteemed Blue Heron team, eager to contribute his skills and expertise.

During his leisure time, Ryan finds solace in the game of chess, honing his strategic thinking and decision-making abilities. In the winter months, he embraces the thrill of snowboarding in nearby mountain resorts. These diverse hobbies and interests serve as outlets for his creativity, motivation, and connections to the people and places that inspire him.

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