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Manager of Design Execution

McKenna Perry

We strive to curate unique, exceptional moments to be experienced throughout each and every home.

Originally from California, McKenna gained valuable experience in New York, working as a draftsperson, project manager, and set designer for Broadway, commercial projects, and live events. Later, while pursuing her MFA in Scenic and Projection Design back in California, McKenna consulted on several high-profile design projects.

As the Manager of Design Execution at Atelier Blue Heron Interiors, McKenna oversees the scheduling and execution of the interior design processes. She also serves as a project liaison, coordinating every stage of the interior design process across all Blue Heron departments for a seamless client experience.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant landscapes of New York, California, and Las Vegas, McKenna strives for perfection in every aspect of the design process, exceeding clients’ expectations.

We want to wow you.

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