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Hedy Woodrow Redefines Luxury Interior Design with Unveiling Atelier Blue Heron Interiors
January 3, 2024
By Blue Heron

Hedy Woodrow Redefines Luxury Interior Design with Unveiling Atelier Blue Heron Interiors

In the realm of luxury interior design, Hedy Woodrow stands as the newly appointed president of Atelier Blue Heron Interiors, a name synonymous with unparalleled custom design services. 

An unforgettable evening in September saw Woodrow as the gracious host, unveiling the anticipated Atelier Blue Heron Interiors to an exclusive gathering of clients and special guests. The highly anticipated event celebrated this achievement and showcased the studio’s commitment to elevating the art of interior design.

It was such a pleasure to welcome our many distinguished guests and clients to our VIP red carpet event to launch our Atelier Blue Heron Interiors. New friendships were forged, and memories made as we celebrated the launch.

Hedy Woodrow, President of Atelier Blue Heron Interiors

Among the guests were Duncan Lee, Julietta and Frank Schreck, and Marilyn and Tom Spiegel. Also in attendance were artist Karim Ghidinelli and sculptor Dorit Schwartz. The presence of these prominent individuals underscored the studio’s reputation and impact on the world of luxury interior design.

The sprawling 12,200-square-foot design studio features exquisite selections of fine art and sculptures from around the world, furnishings, textiles, and accessories. Each piece is a testament to Woodrow’s impeccable taste and dedication to providing clients with top-tier interior design services.

“The Atelier Blue Heron Interiors allows each client to experience the endless possibilities of their space and gives clients an elevated experience when imagining their interiors. We work with vendors from all over the world, giving endless possibilities to one’s design. Our space planning and technology used to bring the space to life allows our clients to see their home with their designed interiors before any installation. It truly is remarkable,” said Woodrow.

Atelier Blue Heron Interiors provides a cutting-edge and immersive experience to assist clients in envisioning their dream living spaces within an endless design realm. The outcome is tailor-made environments that harmoniously fuse Blue Heron’s acclaimed architectural elements with individual lifestyles, guaranteeing that every home mirrors its owner’s unique vision.

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