In 2006, Money magazine placed Henderson in its Top Twenty Best Places to Live in the United States. Henderson’s 260,000 residents inhabit the southern rim of the Las Vegas Valley, surpassing Reno in 1999 to become the second largest city in Nevada. Henderson has 30 elementary schools serving the area, with 23 inside the city limits. There are nine Junior High Schools, nine High Schools and three Universities including the Community College. The best school system in the valley is located in Henderson. There are currently 12 additional tracts of land set aside to build more schools in the near future.

The Water Street Project is part of the plan to redevelop Henderson’s downtown area. Wider sidewalks, new streetlights and crosswalks equipped with audio speakers, improved landscaping and new benches and trash cans are all part of the new city plan. The Pittman Wash carries floodwaters from the mountains to Lake Mead. The riparian plants that used to cover the banks of the wash have been destroyed over the years. Riparian vegetation helps purify the water by removing sediments, reduces the risk of flooding, and helps maintain a healthy habitat for other plants and animals. The city of Henderson implemented Project Green to restore the natural habitat of the Pittman Wash. If the project is successful, the city will create new trails for where residents can hike and enjoy the natural scenery. Henderson already has over 75 hiking and mountain biking trails.

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